When Love Is The Foundation Of All Reality

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We live in a society where the predominant worldview is materialism - the belief that the only things that are real are physical.

Even as Christians we are not immune from the effects of this upon our perception of reality.

It is very hard for us to escape from this when the physical world - perceptible by our five senses - seems all-encompassing.

But as Christians, we take a different view of reality than our materialist neighbours:
It is the view that love, not particles, is at the centre and foundation of all reality.

We know that physical reality - the known universe - is finite. It had a beginning and it will have an end.

Equally, we know that God is infinite - He has no beginning or end.

Therefore God existed when the universe (or any physical reality) did not.

The Bible reveals that God IS love (1 John 4:8).

God does not change, therefore God has always been love (Hebrews 13:8).

Love does not exist in a vacuum. Love cannot exist as a single entity.

To love is for there to be an object that is loved.

Therefore for God to be loved, there must be an object of His love (love being the will to good).

This is where the trinity comes in.

As a tripartite being, the love of God is found within the trinity. Each member of the trinity is in a constant state of love that is shared between each of them.

Therefore love precedes all reality (physical or otherwise).

As Christians, part of our task as disciples of Christ (as apprentices of Jesus) is to ask "what does it look like to live in a world where love represents the very foundation of reality?".

From here our actions and sense of self moves out of this understanding of reality.

Today ask yourself the above question. At the beginning before you move into the day. And again at the end reflecting on the events of the day and how you responded to them.

Ask God to reveal to you the insurmountable love that surrounds us, and to embed it into the way you move throughout your life.
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