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So I've just signed up for this website:, you get a free boo‏k as long as you write a review of it on your blog. I chose a book on fasting. This was for several reasons: firstly because I had heard of the series already and was excited to see Phyllis Tickle as the general editor of the series, I have a lot of time for her as she has a lot of time for others, she is also viewed as an authority on ancient spiritual practices with many years of experience. She has also taken an avid interest in the emerging church, of which I have also, hence Brian Mclaren writing the first book of the series, and her friendship with Tony Jones (Tony started emergent village with Doug Pagitt and Brian mclaren and has authored several books including 'the sacred way, spiritual practices for everyday life' ) Secondly, I was excited to see that the book was written by Scot McKnight, a new testament scholar with interest in the quest for the historical Jesus and also a friend of the