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Why You Should Read The Early Church Fathers (And How To Do It) [interview]

The Early Church Fathers wrote lots of material to help guide the fledgeling Church in its infancy, something that modern christians overlook. Whilst not equal to scripture, the writings of the early church can help to act as a compass, guiding us in what it means to be the Church today. Luke Wilson’s new book “ 40 Days With The Fathers ” hopes to fill this gap by presenting the works of the Early Church Fathers in an accessible way. I caught up with Luke to look at his motivations for writing and what we can learn by studying the early church fathers. Tell us a little bit about yourself Hi, I'm Luke; I studied theology and biblical studies at Mattersey Hall Bible College . I have a beautiful wife and one-year-old daughter and run my own software company with my dad. When I get time, I write blogs and books! How did you become interested in the early church fathers? It first started a few years back when I felt a little disillusioned about the way church is don

Karl Barth, Biblical Greek, Money Management and 8 Traits More Important Than Intelligence - What I Learnt This Month

At the beginning of each month, I write a post about what I have learnt in the moth just gone. It helps me consolidate the information. And I hope that it also helps you to learn and find new resources. 😊 Here is what I learnt this month. Book - Evangelical Theology: An Introduction - Karl Barth * This book has been my long overdue arrival into the world of Karl Barth – Arguably one of the greatest theologians of the 20th Century. The work is based on a series of lectures that Barth gave at Princeton in 1962. It is worth noting that both the translation from German and the historicity of the book means that the term “ evangelical ” meant something rather different then that it does now . Now the term evangelical has come to mean a specific geographical/political Christian movement in America. Then it meant… well, let’s find out in the course of this post. The lectures are around the study of theology and the work of the theologian . I am not going to lie – thi