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Why Memorise Scripture In An Age Of Pervasive Technology?

We live in an age where mobile technology enables us to know almost anything that there is to be known in a matter of seconds. In our pockets, we have a device that holds more information than all the great libraries of the past. The same is no less true of our access to the bible. Within seconds I can be reading scripture in any number of translations and languages, as well as a multitude of commentaries and bible reading aids. When I was younger people would extol me on the virtues of memorising scripture lest I be thrown into solitary confinement under a communist state and am stripped of my Bible – but the older I get the more and more unlikely this seems. Therefore, with a bible ever at my fingertips, what could the purpose be of spending my time memorising scripture? The Complexity of Neurology When we think about the brain and memorisation we often think of it like a hard drive on a computer. When we memorise something it is like we are downloading a file in