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The Trinity and the Outworking of Love

The Trinity has always been a complicated subject. After all, it is about God, who is himself complicated, as Paul exclaimed "who has known the mind of the Lord" (Romans 11:34). If we look past the complicated nature of the trinity then we can see the beautiful truth that at the centre of all reality is a community: Three persons in one being, who exist in perfect love and communion. It is from out of this community of love that all creation comes into being. God did not create humans out of a need to be loved, as he is already loved; and God does not create us in order to have something to love, as God already has that within the Trinity. Rather creation exists as the overflow and outpouring of God’s love. A couple that chooses to have a child does not do so because the love that exists between them is deficient or insufficient, but rather they do so as the overflow and outcome of the love that exists between them (at least in an idealised sense). So too does God create