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The Major Works of Theology & Philosophy - An Interactive Timeline

Often when I am reading a book, I am thinking " who else was writing around the same time? ", "what other works would the author be aware of? ", " what ideas might they have been building on? ". It takes a lot of time and a lot of googling to find this information out. I started to think about how to make this kind of information more easily available and hit upon the idea of a timeline. Lots of google searching and experiments later I came across . From here I have created an interactive timeline of the major works of western theology and philosophy over the last 2500 years - From Plato to N.T. Wright I decided not to include works of eastern theology / philosophy: a. due to my lack of knowledge and b. it would be more difficult to see the aforementioned links due to the inaccessibility to original authors of works from far away) With regards to the works, I have chosen only one work from each author (usually the work they are