INTRODUCTION - The Convergence Of Church And Learning

A notebook with the word of introduction written on it

I recently watched a brilliant TedTalk about multi-potentialites, people who are not interested in just one thing, but many things.

One benefit that the speaker mentioned was the ability of these people to create new things. To synthesise new ideas, at the intersections between their interests.

I thought about my own life as a minister of a church, but also as a learning and development practitioner for a large organisation. I am extremely passionate about both these aspects of my life.

I love the learning and development side.

I love helping people learn new things that they find genuinely helpful. I love helping people grow into their potential. I love helping people to flourish in their work; and i love developing people into life-long learners.

Equally i love the Church.

I love the vision of what the Church is and what it can be. I love the mission of the church to live out the kingdom of God; and i love the part that i play within that grand narrative.

Surely i can help create something new at the intersection of the two, that takes into account the latest theories in learning and development, and adult education, as well as the new context that we live in as a networked, web orientated society.

I think that this becomes more poignant when we realise that the word "disciple" literally means "learner".

Over the next few months I want to look at these intersections to move us deeper into discipleship.

So stay tuned to see posts about this appearing over the following weeks.


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