DO - 70:20:10 & Discipleship

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Within learning & development there is a model that we use to explain how people learn in the workplace - The 70:20:10 model

The model says that:

 70% of learning occurs through practical means, through people just doing their jobs. Experimenting, risking, failing, reflecting. 

20% of learning occurs through social interaction with others. Coaching, mentoring, blogs, social media. 

10% of learning occurs through formal learning. Courses, e-learning, flipped classroom, MOOCs.

The numbers themselves are very contested (lets be honest, no research will ever lead to perfectly round numbers like this), but for me, the exact numbers are not really the point. 

The point is 
a) people learn best by using a variety of methods
B) people learn most by actually doing things, practically. By risk, experimentation, failure, reflection.

For me this is what the 70:20:10 model has to teach us about discipleship

As Christians we spend so much time & effort on books, seminars, sermons, bible studies and conferences that we forget that discipleship is primarily about doing. Doing the work that we have been called to do. loving people, caring for people, serving people. It is through this doing, this serving, that we learn who God is, that God is love.

It is true that we are human beings, not human doings. That our value is not determined by what we do. But if we want to move forward in discipleship, if we want to truly be learners, then we must step into the realm of doing.

I understand that for many people this is a difficult realm. For those with depression or social anxiety, or physical disabilities, but i believe that each of us, in small but persistent ways, can exemplify love where we are, can make someones day a bit brighter, can share the love and hope that lives within each of us.

So while the 20 and the 10 are important. The seminars and the conferences, the books and the sermons; It is the 70, the doing that truly helps us to become better disciples.

May we learn that our value is not in what we do, may we learn that doing is integral to learning, and may we learn that discipleship is ultimately a labour of love.


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