FAITHFULNESS - The Fruit Of The Spirit As An Antidote To Consumerism

Image of a road
Throughout this blog series we have been looking at moving away from consumerism and looking at alternative lifestyles.

Often when we begin looking at ethical simple living we start off zealous wanting to change the world and are eager to make changes in our lives.

We are sickened by the treatment of fellow humans, we are disturbed by the potential impacts on our planet.

As time goes by our fire wanes and we miss the level of consumerism that we see around us - for me at the moment this is Apple Music - I want it so bad! (I am not saying Apple Music is evil - just that I know that if I got it the financial implications at this time would involve compromising other ethical decisions that I have made).

It involves a great deal of faithfulness on our part to stick with what we know is right - and Christs faithfulness to us acts as our guide.

May we be faithful in our discipline to live an alternative lifestyle, may we stand against the hedonism's that literally costs the earth, and may we always draw upon the life of Christ to guide us.


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