PATIENCE - The Fruit Of The Spirit As An Antidote To Consumerism

I was recently in a meeting discussing stock acquisition. We were looking at the choices that merchandisers have when buying stock. The cheaper, longer option was to get the stock brought over by boat; but if they needed the stock in quickly, then it could be air freighted at a higher cost.

I was also reading about the impact of high demand and turnaround in the technology industry when a new product is released - the supply chains making the goods often implement forced overtime to cope with the demand, with some chains forcing 60+ hour weeks.

Air-freighting = ecological devastation.

Forced 60+ hour weeks = a modern day form of slavery.

Patience truly is a virtue.

Our demand for goods now is destroying the environment.

Our fast food culture is hurting others.

We live in a culture that values impatience, that makes demands, that gets things done.
Instead we are called to value the wait, to savor the anticipation, to be content with what we have.

It is only through practicing patience that we gain it. What are you wanting that you can wait for?

May we be those that put the earths needs before our wants. May we be those that put peoples needs before our wants, and may we be those that cultivate patience in our lives.


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