SENT - The Five Fold Ministry Of Ephesians Part 5

Lady walking away into woods with the word "sent" above her head.
The word apostle means ‘sent’.

In the gospels Christ calls 12 men and trains them for ministry. Christ sends them out.

When we think about the word apostle meaning 'sent', then Christ is the archetype of apostle, He is the one who was sent to us, to help us, to guide us, to save us.

There has been much discussion about what constitutes an apostle; is it a title only reserved for those original 12? or is it reserved for anybody who pioneers christian ministry? or, if we take the meaning literally, is it reserved for all of us? If we call ourselves disciples of Christ, then we are also called to be those who are sent.

To be an apostle then is to move beyond talking about what we should do, and actually do it.

Christ sends us to be with the lonely.

Christ sends us to feed the hungry.

Christ sends us to care for the broken.

Christ sends us to visit those in prison.

Christ sends us help the poor.

What is Christ sending you out to do?

May we be people that actually do what we talk about. May we be people who’s love is real and manifest, and may we be people that know we are sent.

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