WAR - The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse And The White Rider As A Model for Peace

We recently passed the 100 year mark since the beginning of World War 1. The media was filled with stories of lives lost and destroyed through this tragic event.
In the book of revelation, the final book of the bible we see two riders riding white horses. Each of these riders are identified as conquerers.
I believe that we are meant to see these riders as juxtapositions. To notice the similarities, but more so to notice the differences. The first rider is followed by three others, war, injustice, and death.
I believe that this first rider stands for Rome (or any other empires / civilisations). It set about to conquer, to win, and usher in the pax romana (the peace of rome). But each of its conquests brought with it war, injustice, and death.
The second rider on a white horse is given a distinctive description that marks him out as none other than Christ. He is not accompanied by other riders, he stands alone and victorious. Christ’s methodology for conquering comes in direct contrast to that of the world.
Whereas the world throws its military might at an attacker, instead Christ throws open his arms. Christ’s way is the difficult narrow path, the way of love.
As Christ’s followers we are called to follow Him in this, to walk the difficult path. It does not yield quick results, but as rob bell puts it ‘love wins’.
May we be those that challenge the violence in the world around us, may we be those that challenges the violence within our hearts, and may we be those that walk the narrow path of love.


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