RABBI - The Five Fold Ministry Of Ephesians Part 2

A Library Of Teaching Books Belonging To A Teacher

I am a specialist in adult learning, specifically workplace learning. I teach people how to do their job, or how to improve in their job.

In the first century Jewish context, the role of educator was taken by the Rabbi, literally meaning master, but often translated as teacher.

One of the major distinctions of a rabbi, as opposed to the modern day context, was the fact that the rabbi had a group of students, called disciples, that lived with him 24/7. This was because a rabbi’s message (or yolk) was not simply what he said, but everything that he said and did.

Jesus himself was a Rabbi, He had disciples that lived with Him, indeed all Christians are disciples, ones who follow and dwell with Him. Seeking to live out His lifestyle and message.

In this respect each of us is called to be a teacher, to be those whose lives speak a message, and indeed we already are.

When we love someone, we teach a lesson.

When we extend grace and forgiveness to those who hurt us, we teach a lesson.

When we care for the outcasts of society, we teach a lesson.

When we care for our planet, we teach a lesson.

May we look to Christ as our rabbi, may we dwell with Him, and may we be those who teach lessons of love, wherever we go.

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