LANGUAGE - Why I'm A Feminist

Open book with language written across it.

A language reveals many things about the culture that created it. Much can be learnt by colloquialisms about a specific region. This is true of our own culture, of our own society. 

Without realising, the way that we speak, the words that we use convey their own sense of sexism that we are unaware of.

To fight like a girl is a negative thing.
To run like a girl is a negative thing.
To cry is seen as a feminine weakness.
When a man is dominant, we call him assertive.
When a woman is dominant, we use the word ‘bossy’.
When a man works late we say he is ‘providing for his family’.
When a woman works late we say ‘she is cold and distant, uncaring for her children’.
When a man sleeps with lots of women, he is called a ‘stud’.
When a woman sleeps with lots of people she is called a ‘slut’.
No doubt there are many more words, colloquialisms, sayings that I have missed, and probably many more that I still use, without understanding the way that they taint my worldview.

May we be those that are thoughtful in our words, may we be those that are unafraid to challenge everyday sexism where we see it, and may we be those that continually root up those elements in our subconscious that keep us from living the way of love.

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