EARTH - Why I Am A Vegetarian Part 1

image of trees on a hill with the word earth written on it.

In November I became a vegetarian. When people find out, they often ask me why, to this end I thought that I would outline my basic reasoning.

The impact of the meat industry on the environment was one of the first reasons that caused me to look at vegetarianism.

A recent published study found that the meat industry (especially red meat) is responsible for more carbon emissions than the entire transport sector (through water consumption, growing food for the livestock, fertilizer etc). Considering the amount that planes contribute to global warming this statistic should be quite shocking.

At the same time vast swathes of rain-forest every year are cut down to make pasture land to rear more animals for the meat industry, contributing further to the problem.

Due to this my partner and I began to reduce our meat consumption to a less detrimental level.

I don’t believe that everyone is called to be a vegetarian, but I do believe that each of us can reduce our meat consumption to a few times a week (this is also a much healthier lifestyle choice as well) for the sake of the future generations that will inhabit this planet.

May we care for this beautiful planet, may we understand the correlation of our lifestyles with the well-being of the earth, and may we have the strength to live the solution.

For another interesting article from the Guardian, click here.


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