CREATURES - The Four Creatures of Revelation as a Model for Environmental Care

image of a lions head, an ox's head, an eagles head and a human head.
I recently read another article about our impact on the environment, another warning that so many are dismissing.

In the letter ‘Revelation’, the final book of the bible, we see a scene in a throne room. 

In the center of the room is a throne, upon which God sits, and around the throne is 4 creatures: one like a lion, one like an ox, one like a man and one like an eagle

Day after day they sing praise to God.

In a 1st century Jewish mindset, each of these four creatures stands for the different aspects of creation: 

The lion for the wild animals

The ox for the tame animals.

The man for humanity.

The eagle for birds

Each aspect of life bringing forth its hymn of praise.

In this picture, we as humanity are creatures alongside all life, joining in the hymn of creation, not dominants, controlling it, bending it to our will, exploiting its resources.

In this picture we are in a symbiotic relationship understanding our reliance upon all things.

For this reason we must take the call to look at our impact on the environment seriously.

May we make the changes necessary to keep our planet healthy, may we live in ways that respect all life, and may we sing in harmony with all creation.

If you are interested in looking at the environment from a faith perspective, I highly recommend Ruth Valerios book 'L is for Lifestyle'.
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