PRICELESS - Value Found In Being Rather Than Doing

Woman looking at 3 paintings in a room. Priceless is written on the floor.

This may not come as a shock to anyone, as its an almost universal principle, but I love my son. He brings me the most crazy amount of joy ever. He hasn’t done anything I can think of to make me feel this way, he’s quite demanding and hits me a lot (he’s just turned two). I love him just for who he is.
The scriptures express the way that God feels about us. The greek word used for Gods love for us is the word αγαπε (agape). It means unconditional love. God loves us without condition.
Within each society there is a series of things that we do to give ourselves value (these are generally more subliminal than acknowledged). In some cultures these are family orientated, in others they are orientated around financial or occupational success. Our society is heavily built around our appearance and material possessions that we own, influenced by the media and clever marketing. These value judgements can often mean that many people within society who cannot live up to the expectations feel inadequate, like they don’t have much value.
In God’s perception of us, we are his precious children, we have an infinite value, there is nothing more that we can do to gain value.
In this understanding, we do things because we know the value that has been ascribed to us, not to gain a sense of value.

May you know that you are precious, that your value is infinite, may you care for all that you meet, recognising the value that is in them. And may you do good in this world, not to gain a sense of value, but because of the value you already have.


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