SACRIFICE - A Lenten Reflection

Three Men Walking Down A Rail Road Track Together With The Word Sacrifice Written On It

I both love and hate lent. I hate giving up stuff; hate that I cant do whatever I want. I love all that it stands for. I love the way that it challenges our hedonistic consumerist mindset and creates a space for something that we rarely do: sacrifice.

For me, Christ is the greatest example of sacrifice

He laid down his life for us. He didn't want to, He didn't have to, He chose to. 

As His disciples, we are also called to a life of sacrifice, to walk along the narrow, difficult path.

One thing that you learn in life is that some people choose a life of sacrifice, whilst others have sacrifice thrust upon them. This can happen through sickness, experiences, circumstance and many other ways. 

The picture that is painted of God in the scriptures is one of a God who comes along side us, comforts us, cares for us. 

The same is called for us as the Church. 

We are called to walk alongside those who are already walking the difficult path. To make sacrifices of our time, our finances, our quality of living, to help them in their time of need. 

It isn't easy, but nobody said being a disciple of Christ was easy.

May we learn, that just like Jesus, we do not necessarily want to make sacrifices, we do not have to make sacrifices, but as Disciples of Christ we choose to make sacrifices. That we choose to walk along side those who are traveling on a difficult path. May we show them the hope, love, peace, and grace of Christ.


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