The Liturgical Year

I have just read the liturgical Year by Joan Chittister, which was given to me as a free book by book sneeze. This book gives an introduction to the liturgical year and then gives a chapter about each aspect of the liturgical year.

The liturgical year has been a very interesting book for me. Growing up in the evangelical church the only parts of the liturgical year that we follow is Christmas and Easter (and probably only because we get presents and chocolate). So I have read this book once through in a short amount of time and am now reading it through again as I go through the liturgical year.

I think that this book a) presumes that you go to a church that follows the liturgical year (i.e. uses the colours of the liturgical year and changes the d├ęcor of the church accordingly, and also uses the liturgical readings) and b) presumes that you already have a basic knowledge of the liturgical year. Therefore I feel that this book is written more towards people who are already engaged with the liturgical year and who want to make the most out of it as opposed to one who is seeking to enter the liturgical year from the outside.

This said, the reflections and thoughts that she draws out about each aspect of the year are very insightful and thoughtful. Joan writes in a very poetic and beautiful way and you definitely feel her passion for this subject come through in the book.

Book - the liturgical year


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