Artwork Over Mechanisms - The Conversation of our Community Part 2

Van Gogh stars
Since the age of science began mankind has had an obsession with the way the planet works: the carbon cycle, the planets cycle, cause and effect; to the extent that to all intents and purposes we live in a ‘mechanistic universe’. The universe works like a mechanism, a huge machine.

As humans we are often not as good at compartmentalization as we think we are, we transfer our models into other spheres of our life. We see humans as mechanisms, people for a purpose. The problem is that when a mechanism breaks, it no longer has any value, a broken watch is no longer useful.

As human’s we put our value in so many things, when these are stripped away we lose any sense of self-value, because we no longer have a purpose.

We are not mechanisms; we are creations.

Gen 1.27 ‘So God created humans in his image. In the image of God he created them. He created them male and female.’

Artwork is priceless.

It is the artist who gives the painting it’s value. Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings have such a high value because it was Vincent Van Gogh who painted them. We have such a high value because it was God who created us.

God is an artist.

Each of us has value, we are priceless. This is regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, political views, social status, bank balance or occupation.

As the Church we must begin to view everyone as priceless pieces of art created by God, as people of value.


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