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Paul: Fresh Perspectives (Paul In Fresh Perspective) By N. T. Wright - My Book Notes

For anybody who is planning on reading some N. T. Wright and want's to know if this book is for them, or if you have read it and want a quick review to keep it fresh, or if you just want to get a quick grip on N. T. Wright's thought, then this post is for you.

If you want to buy the book here is a link (please note that this is an affiliate link, which means that if you do buy the book then I get a little of money from wordery)
Part 1 - Themes Chapter 1 - Paul's World, Paul's Legacy1.1 IntroductionPaul occupies 3 worlds: Judaism - 2nd temple Judaism; religion, faith, culture and politics.Hellenistic - permeated most of the eastern Mediterranean world - everybody's second language and assumed framework of thought (culture, philosophy and rhetoric). Read Epictetus and compare to Paul.Rome - ideology and burgeoning empire cult. Roman context integrates closely with the other two.

Fourth world - family of the messiah [ecclesia]. Different than all 3 previous worlds.