Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer - My Book Notes

This book is a classic on the life of community. I have read it several times and this time I decided to make fairly extensive notes to try and capture more of what Bonhoeffer is saying.

I have published these notes for anyone who is thinking about reading this and would like to get an idea of what it says, or for someone who has read it and wants to quickly refresh themselves on it's basic content.

For a small book it has a lot to say, so if you enjoy these notes I highly recommend reading the whole book if you haven't. You can get a copy of the book from here (please note this this is an affiliate link which means that I get a small amount from the sale of the book).
20 Things I Learnt From This Book There is so much that this book has to say but here are 20 key things that really stuck out to me:
1 – To dwell in fellowship with other believers is a great blessing. We often take this for granted because we experience it daily, but we should thank God for it from the bottom …

The Appointing of the Seven In Acts as a Model for Empowering the Powerless

In Acts 6:1-17 we see a curious scene.
We find ourselves in Jerusalem, and the fledgling church is growing and has set about providing food for the widows in Jerusalem.
To be a widow at this time would have been a difficult life. Typically being a widow meant that you were too old to re-marry, and couldn't work.
Caring for widows and orphans was a major part of Jewish culture and history (Deuteronomy 14:29, Psalm 68:5, Isaiah 10:2, Malachi 3:5 etc.), and was also a particular concern for Luke - the author of Luke & Acts (Luke 2:36-38, Luke 18:1-8, Luke 20:47, Luke 21:1-3, Acts 9:36-43).
The section also distinguishes between two types of people there at the time: Hebraic JewsHellenistic Jews
Hebraic Jews were the natives in that place. They represent the dominant people group in that area.
Hellenistic Jews were Jews who had moved to Jerusalem from outside of Palestine (diaspora Jews), therefore their culture and language were much more influenced by Greek culture.
At this time it was …

Paul: Fresh Perspectives (Paul In Fresh Perspective) By N. T. Wright - My Book Notes

For anybody who is planning on reading some N. T. Wright and want's to know if this book is for them, or if you have read it and want a quick review to keep it fresh, or if you just want to get a quick grip on N. T. Wright's thought, then this post is for you.

If you want to buy the book here is a link (please note that this is an affiliate link, which means that if you do buy the book then I get a little of money from wordery)

My Top Five TakeawaysThe importance of Creation and Covenant throughout scripture. - I will never be able to read Psalm 19 in the same way again. What I love about this is the combination both of what God has done and what God is doing; what is taking place within the Church, but also, what God is doing outside of the ChurchJesus is Lord means that Caesar is not - and the associated political ramifications of this. We set up many "Lords" in our life, but there can only be one.Don't just write off books claiming Pauline authorship as non-p…