THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES - 5 Movies That Changed My Life

Film poster for the movie 'The Motorcycle Diaries'
The Motorcycle Diaries is a film based on the diaries of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara as he traveled around south America with his friend on a motorbike.

It seems strange to say that a movie about a famous, violence endorsing, atheist, communist drew me closer to God but it did. I have seen it numerous times and each time a new thing stands out to me.

A scene that always moves me is when Che is at a leper colony. All of the staff in the colony wear gloves whenever dealing with the patients. Che chooses not to wear the gloves, causing deep offense to the staff, but causing deep joy to the patients themselves as he holds their hands. To me it serves as a powerful visual expression of the stories of Jesus touching lepers and how truly shocking and empowering it would have been at the time for the people involved.

The scenes of exploitation, where farmers are removed from their land and peoples choices are removed reminded me of my time studying 'liberation theology' and reading Gustavo Guitarez. It helps me to see why this theology arose from Latin america and why it is so emotionally charged.

Above all it reminds me of how precious each life is and of Gods continual love.

If you have not seen the motorcycle diaries i highly recommend it.

May we always view the works of Christ through fresh eyes, may we truly understand how precious each life is, and may we constantly be reminded of God's love for us.


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