MOTHER - Towards a More Egalitarian Understanding of God

Mother kissing her child with the word mother on it.
Some of the most powerful images of God in scripture are found in the book of Isaiah. Here God is described as a mother birthing, nursing, and caring for her children.
Despite this powerful image, the idea of God as father has dominated Christianity. The main reason for this is because God is almost exclusively referred to as male in scripture; but there are two things that we need to understand about this to frame it in its proper context. First, the bible was written from within a patriarchal society (one where the male is at the top of the chain). The bible was not written in a vacuum, we do not believe that God dictated the words to the writers, but that the writers were inspired by the holy spirit; this still means that scripture was written within a specific context, and this includes patriarchy. So it makes sense that God, the person at the top of the chain, would be referred to as male.
The second thing is that all references to God are really anthropomorphism's, in other words, it is us humans, using terms from within our human context to describe something that is not human; and God is not human (I do believe that Jesus is both God and human, and was also physically a male, but this does not necessarily mean that God is human or male). God encompasses both male and female but also transcends both of them, any label that we put on God is but a shadow of the truth.
Therefore, now that we are moving (hopefully) toward an egalitarian society, it makes sense to refer to God as both male and female, father and mother.
So may we break down barriers of patriarchy, may we learn to see God in more of her splendor, and may we learn to see God as mother.


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